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  Nelson Mandela

One of the greatest moments of my photojournalism career was when I photographed Nelson Mandela at a press conference when he was just released from Prison after 27 years.
There were hundreds of journalists and photographers at the press conference. When it ended, I took my time packing up and was one of the last to leave. Just when I was leaving (his house in Soweto), I saw that he was standing with his daughter, Zinzi and then his wife, Winnie.

I doubled back and went to take some more shots. After shooting a few more , I was now joined by the Turnley twins. We all had the most incredible experience of having at least 10 minutes of just relaxed chat with Nelson Mandela. As photographers, we see, feel and witness many emotions and scenes of life that most people never have the opportunity to experience. Many of those experiences, I do not wish upon others. For me, those few minutes with Nelson Mandela will live with me forever, as a witness to an incredible man.